Rates are set by a regional council and approved by the local government in the areas we serve. All taxis in this region are obligated by local ordinance to charge the set rates and not charge above or below the posted rates for travel inside the region. Van taxis have the exact same rates as any other taxi, no extra fees.

Richmond-Metropolitan region taxis must charge the following rates by law:

$2.50 per mile (.50 per 1/5 mile)

$2.50 first 1/5 mile

$1.00 9 pm – 6 am surcharge for night service per trip

$1.00 per extra person over one (Children 6 and under free) per trip

$0.50 per every 80 seconds wait charge

+ All tolls (receipt available upon request)

+ $2.00 Access fee for trips originated at Richmond Airport.


We accept all major credit cards